World of Kung Fu Level 120 Development Notes

Welcome to the World of Kung Fu Beta Patch Notes. This is an early look at the patch notes for the upcoming World of Kung Fu Expansion. If you’d like to participate in the testing process when it becomes available there will be an option on the User Control Panel to select that you are interested in testing.

Beta Reminder: Content in the World of Kung Fu Expansion are still in-development and details may be subject to change before the release of the live game. Not all of the content listed may be available for testing or may only be available during a limited testing windows during the beta. Keep an eye on the Beta Forums for more information when specific test may be taking place.

World of Kung Fu Expansion Beta Patch Notes
Updated: May 17, 2016.

General Changes
Most items will now stack up to 1,000 to help with bag space.

Level Cap Increased
Level Cap for characters has been increased to 120.

New Content: Qingyuan - Graveyard of Howling Wind
Brave the ever deadly scorpions and elite warriors that threaten to invade Yicheng. A lush forest gives way to a desolate wasteland. Lands filled with ancient treasures waiting to be uncovered. Explore this new content to find new encounters and very rare creatures.

New Dungeon: Stone Fort
One new dungeon for this expansion that will be available starting at level 110. This dungeon will be a way to let players that wish to farm for gear instead of other ways that may be available to get max gears.

New World Bosses
Challenge yourself against several new world bosses located throughout Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind. These bosses will require more than 2 people to kill and will have the chance to drop rare items and one time items.

Enjoy a new questing experience that will take you through this new content from start to end as questing should be. New Daily Quest and Duplicate quest to help you level. Archaeology quest will come to Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind with an important update to the fragment system. New School Quest will also become available. Much more information still to be released about new quest.

New Player Catch-Up
Quest from levels 1-80 are going to have their experience increased to help new and alt players catch up quicker. These quest since they will give bonus experience will become unavailable to any player above level 80.

Unconfirmed Additions
Some of the available options in game as you know have been disabled for various reasons. Although none of the following functions have been confirmed they're being added I am letting you know what is being looked at for the future of this game.

  • Qigong Temple
  • Self Made Kung Fu
  • Guardian Pets

Now I know a lot of you are going to have very strong opinions about at least 1 of these having the possibility of returning but please know that precautions are in place to prevent such systems from becoming over powered. Because of how the experience is gained on here and the amounts, Self Made Kung Fu and Guardian Pets will take longer to level than normal. This will help keep these two systems in check besides items used for self made kung fu being completly removed from the game to prevent them from ever being used.

Paid Services
The following are new paid services that may make an appearance:

  • Character Boost to Level 100
  • Forging
  • Transmogrification
  • Appearance Change
  • Character Transfer
  • Guild Name Change

Some of the services listed above are self explanatory. More information will be available near the release of this expansion.

Transmogrification will allow you to change the appearance of your gear and weapons to a style you prefer. There will be restrictions set in place on what gears you can change and when you can do it. More information soon.

Appearance Change will let you change how your character looks and you can even change the sex of your toon.

Character Transfer will allow you to move 1 character from an account to another account that you own.
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